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Comprehensive Positioning Assessment

The MET Cycling Assessment is the only cycling fitting methodology that utilizes the most recent advances in cycling biomechanics and combines them with proven methods and time tested experience to provide the  optimal cycling postion. See the Optimal Positioning System sidebar for more details.

Training Zone Test (Bike & Run):

Training Zone Performance Tests are done for bicycling, running and multisports. The training zone test was developed and designed by Dr. McMahon to give information about your individual and optimum training ranges and your maximum aerobic capacity. The training zone test combines sophisticated scientific equipment that allows the measurement of cardiac, respiratory, and metabolic parameters with a unique testing protocol. Dr. McMahon will analyze this data and create training zones specific to you based on your individualized physiological responses and your health and performance goals. The training zones will be based on heart rate, speed or power, rate of perceived exertion, ventilation, and oxygen consumption. The results will be presented to you in clear and concise report that will enable your training to be more objective, specific, and individualized than ever before. You will be  instructed on how to  monitor your  intensity  and  be given guidelines  for how  to incorporate  them  into the individual training plan developed by Dr. McMahon specifically for you. 

The individualized test results will be reported to you in a bound booklet format. Among the information included in the report will  be training zones specific to your individual  fitness  level that help  you train more effectively. The material will be  clear and concise to ensure  you understand what the  information means, and  how to incorporate  that  information  into an exercise plan that
addresses  your  individual goals. These recommendations are based on your physiological response, Dr. McMahon’s extensive experience, and fundamental training principles.

Swim Training Zone Test

Video Analysis

Ultimate Assessment

This includes the ultimate complete battery of assessments more complete and comprehensive than many Olympic and National Training Centers. The Ultimate Assessment Package should be the starting point for every training program. The ultimate assessment package is for the athletes that require or desire assessment and performance testing on par with Olympic athletes with the maximum advisement, feedback, one-on-one consultation! This complete assessment package includes: $2950

  • 1 Hour initial consultation to discuss your testing considerations
  • Bicycling Training Zone Test
  • Running Training Zone Test
  • Swim Intensity Zone Test
  • Bicycle Positioning Assessment
  • Pedaling Analysis and Drill session
  • Swim Video Analysis and Drill session
  • Run Gait Analysis and Drill session
  • Postural Analysis
  • Range of Motion and Flexibility Testing
  • Body Composition
  • Nutritional Analysis and Review
  • A two or three day visits to Honolulu++(or location of your choice) for performance
  • testing (Training Zone Testing) and one on one biomechanical analysis and review with Dr. McMahon and his staff
  • Lodging, Meals and Transportation (to and from Honolulu International Airport)*
  • Team Racing Kit