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Ultimate Training Camp

This includes the ultimate battery of assessments more complete and comprehensive than many Olympic and National Training Centers. It also includes six days of individualized training with Dr. McMahon where technique and skills relevant to your goals and performance objectives are learned and perfected. The ultimate Training Camp is for the athlete that requires or desires assessment and performance testing on par with Olympic athletes with the maximum advisement, feedback, and one-on-one consultation! The weather and setting in Hawaii couldn’t be more ideal. This complete assessment package includes:

  • 1 Hour initial consultation to discuss your testing considerations
  • Six days of individualized training with Dr. Michael McMahon and his staff
  • Bicycling Training Zone Test
  • Running Training Zone Test
  • Swim Intensity Zone Test
  • Bicycle Positioning Assessment
  • Pedaling Analysis and Drill session
  • Swim Video Analysis and Drill session
  • Run Gait Analysis and Drill session
  • Postural Analysis
  • Range of Motion and Flexibility Testing
  • Body Composition
  • Nutritional Analysis and Review
  • A six day visits to Honolulu++(or location of your choice) for performance testing
  • (Training Zone Testing) and one on one biomechanical analysis and review with Dr. McMahon and his staff Lodging, Meals and Transportation (including to and from Lodging, Meals and Transportation (to and from Honolulu International Airport)*
  • Team Training and Racing Kit